What is Fitn?

One membership to all types of studios, gyms, & fitness facilities within Fitn’s network. Fitn gives you access to every type of fitness studio, whenever it’s convenient, with whomever you want, wherever you like.

Is there a Sign up fee to join Fitn?

No, there is no sign-up fee to join Fitn. Members only pay a monthly subscription fee to belong and have full access to the Fitn Network.

Is there a trial?

Fitn offers an introductory 10-day for $10 membership. Your trial will automatically renew into a full membership at the end of your trial period and you may cancel your trial at any time.

Do I have to reserve classes?

YES, YOU HAVE TO MAKE RESERVATIONS from the Fitn iOS or andriod application. It is required for a better user experience… After all, who wants to show up at a class just to discover it’s completely full. Please see the class requirement section for specific details of each class.

Is there a contract term?

No, there is no contract term. Your subscription automatically renews on your contract anniversary date, the monthly date that your paid subscription began (for example: if you joined on the 15th then you will auto-renew each month on the 15th).

Will I get a Fitn membership card?

No, you will not receive a membership card. You will be able to login to your account (either from a desktop and/or the mobile app) and see the status of your account. If ever you needed to show a studio at check-in that you are a Fitn member, you may do so by showing them the “active” status from your mobile device.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Upon canceling any reserved classes will be canceled and you will no longer have access to studios as a Fitn member. 


In order to be able to reserve a CrossFit WOD you must have completed a fundamentals course. If you have completed a CrossFit fundamentals course but have not attend a WOD at this location, please show up 15 minutes early to test out by an instructor. For safety purposes, the facility reserves the right to deny you access to the class.If you have not completed a CrossFit fundamentals course, you must complete the classes prior to attending a CrossFit class. Please note, fundamentals classes are not included in Fitn memberships. Please contact your CrossFit gym to get more info.

How do fitness studios & facilities know I am a Fitn member?

Upon scheduling a class via the Fitn scheduler, the studio will be notified electronically that you are attending the class. Upon arriving at the studio, please check-in on your mobile device and show it to the studio staff member that is checking-in attendees.

How do the funds get donated to a childhood obesity charity?

At this time, we have designated a charity to donate funds directly to, and with each class you attend we will donate one hour of exercise for a child.

Can I bring friends or family to workout with me?

Yes, and we want you to! Friends can join right away using the online sign up process. If they aren’t ready, they will need to follow the reservation, fees and rules of the individual studio or fitness facility you are attending.

What about “donation classes”?

Some classes offered by our studio partners are labeled “donation”. Don’t worry – fitn has your donation covered.

What about “Mommy and Me” or “Kid class”?

Some classes offered by our studio partners are specifically for children – isn’t that awesome!? They are often labeled “Mommy and Me” or “Kid class”.

Who do I contact with questions on my account?

Please email with any problems or questions.

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